Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

Getting into a legal dispute can be a difficult and scary time for any litigant. Whether you are seeking to right a legal wrong through a lawsuit or defending yourself against a claim, the litigation process requires sound legal strategy and firm advocacy. Importantly, an attorney and client must also judge the costs and benefits of potentially ongoing litigation, as litigation itself can be extremely expensive and time consuming. Legal action should be carefully calculated for maximum efficiency and impact, not simply for litigation sake, which is why we seek to resolve disputes between parties if at all possible. If litigation is required, our firm stands ready to zealously defend your interests.


Business Law

Do you have a business or business idea and need help sorting through different layers of state and local formation and licensing requirements to get it off the ground? Is your current business ready to meet the hurdles of today’s regulatory environment, whatever your industry? We have solutions for your business's action items, large and small.


Employment Law

California is extremely protective of its workers across all industries, from food service workers to software and data engineers. As a business owner in any market, it is imperative to understand and follow California’s labor law requirements to protect yourself from potential liability, and to ensure any employee issues are handled appropriately. As an employee, it is important to understand your rights to appropriate breaks, safety and health standards, and correct wages. If you have concerns that your place of business or workplace is not fully compliant with California labor laws, or have questions about achieving compliance, contact our firm today for a consultation.  


Land Use and Real Property

Do you have zoning questions regarding your current property, and aren’t familiar with ongoing changes in state and local rules for new and existing structures and homes? Interested in a partition or easement, or have questions about water rights? Being fully informed on the ins and outs of your property rights is integral to making smart land use decisions.